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3 Aspects of Wedding Etiquette

Learning about proper wedding etiquette is an absolute must for everyone, whether you are attending a wedding or having a wedding yourself. Wedding etiquette refers to much more than just the eating part of a wedding, as there are many different aspects to wedding etiquette that everyone should know about.


One of the most important things to learn about wedding etiquette is that regarding children. If you are planning on bringing children to someone’s wedding, then make sure that they are specifically invited and are old enough that they are going to be okay the entire time and not cause a scene. If not, find a sitter to watch them while you go.

Some couples even make it a standard and write on the wedding invitation that you cannot bring children. However even if they do not, it is just proper etiquette to realize that children can be trouble and you certainly do not want them ruining someone’s wedding.

After all, think how you would feel if while the bride and groom were saying their vows – in complete silence – and your child started screaming or crying. They only have one wedding day, and you do not want to be the one to ruin it for them.


When you receive an invitation to a wedding, you should always respond whether you are going to attend and if you have a main course preference as stated on the card. This is because the bride and groom are depending on your RSVP in order to be able to plan their wedding. So regardless of whether you are planning on going or not, you need to let them know because they have to arrange for party favors, food, and so on, and so not knowing is going to make it that much more difficult for them.


Yet another important issue that is included within this is the fact of how you should bring a gift when you go to the wedding. Even if you have already bought the couple a gift from their registry or presented it to them at the shower, you will still want to bring another one, even if it is not that expensive, because it is considered proper wedding etiquette.

Remembering all these things is going to make you a great wedding attendee, and you will also feel great because you know that you are being as good a guest as you can be.

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